Ecuador: Galapagos Islands – Isla Baltra

Isla Baltra, is a separate island off the north east coast of Isla Santa Cruz and houses the modern airport. The airport was built with environmental disciplines in mind, without air-conditioning, a moving passenger baggage belt and has several wind turbines in front of the airport to generate the electricity needed.

Travelling around Isla Baltra on the boat, we were accompanied by a group of frigate birds and a blue-footed booby who seemed to enjoy the drafts created by the boat and would weave in and out of the drafts as they soared high above us.

The snorkelling at Punta Carrion (Itabaca channel) between Baltra and Santa Cruz was quite amazing. Even though I hadn’t snorkelled for about 18 months and we were snorkelling in deep water, it was actually easy once I remembered how to breath with a snorkel.

The volcanic rocks where we were snorkelling made for lots of crevices for thee fish to play hide and seek. We managed to see a white tipped reef shark, lots of surgeon fish, wrasses, parrot fish, pelican and sally lightfoot crabs. And a lazy sea lion who had decided that the bow of a barge was a good resting place.

Travel date: 23 December 2018

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