Switzerland : Lucerne

Following a late arrival into Zurich airport, we have managed to dispel a number of myths:
1. Not all custom officers are unfriendly and mean, I was provided useful advice about when was the best time to visit Jungfrau – and she was right!

2. Not all Swiss trains run on time, ours into Lucerne was over 30 minutes late!

Lucerne itself is a small but beautiful city, with two wooden bridges, (originally built in 14th century) spanning the river and linking the two sides of the town. This part of the old town is picture postcard Switzerland with lake, mountain and bridge.
Lake Lucerne is quite scenic with lots of towns dotted along the shoreline with the snow capped mountains providing more photographic opportunities, which we took advantage of. A boat on the Lake is a must as the mountains form an amazing

The downside of Lucerne was obvious in the afternoon when groups of tourists seem to flood the chocolate and souvenir shops before jumping on their buses, eavesdropping on them seem to suggest that many of them were from China or India. Another tip, if you are in Lucerne, make sure you have dinner early, as the kitchens seem to close at 9 pm.

Travel date: 25 April 2012

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