Switzerland: Murren & Gimmewald

On recommendation of the Lonely Planet, Gimmewald and Schilthorn seemed like a good way to spend half a day before making our way to Guyeres.

The cable car to Grütschalp (1487m), then the train to Mürren (1684 m) were relatively straight-forward; however the cable car to Schilthorn was closed due to the strong winds ; so on to Gimmewald it was. On our walk we passed snowy front gardens, waterfalls, avalanche defences,  grazing cows, countless pinecones and of course a snow capped mountain or two!

After a picnic lunch at Gimmewald, with a view of the mountains and winds which threatened to blow away anything lighter than a bottle of water. We took the cable car to Stechelberg (922m)a spectacular cable car ride with a single pylon and the cliff is a sheer drop of about 500m; with the sound of waterfalls and the wind tossing the cable car; it was definitely a memorable 10 minutes!  The walk back to Lauterbrunnen followed the river and involved crossing a stream with a bag of pinecones, river stones and non-waterproof shoes!

Travel date: 28 April 2012

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